Hello, I’m Jacob, a multiple award winning designer from the North-East, who recently graduated from university with a First Class. Over the years I have used my talent to tackle and raise awareness for various mental illnesses such as ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. I did a talk with Creative Conscience and the Design Museum at UAL to discuss how using creativity can help reduce the stigmas surrounding those topics. I wrote a book based on my own opinions of the world called Second Thoughts and it didn’t suck. I did all this through somehow combining my passion for graphic design and branding with trying to better myself and the others around me.

Between 2014 and 2019, I have worked with various individuals and brands such as Streamer Market, Tyler Donovan and SunnySideLabs to shape their identity to help them operate on a local and global scale. I’ve also done a few work placements in places like SailCreative and a few other studios in Newcastle.

Honours & Awards
A collection of my best achievements and features in the early years of my career.

New College Durham: Academic Achievement Award
Lecture In Progress: Creative Conscience
Working Progress: Design Change Makers

New College Durham: Academic Achievement Award
Adobe Awards: Semifinalist x3
Behance, AIGA Gallery: Callum Hodgson
Behance, AIGA Gallery: Matt Vancoillie
MonsterPost: Most Amazing Authors from Behance
New College Durham: Student wins competition


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